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Aegean sea and Marenauta are good, Hermes yachting is strongly not ...  
I am pretty familiar with Aegean sea, sailed there many times. Saronic islands are too crowded for my taste. I DO NOT recommend renting yachts from this charter company - the people of the Company are arrogant and unprofessional. Unfortunately I was the first to use yacht after refit. The things were done not professionally. Examples: The main sail corners were not connected when I left marina I had to fix it at sea. The two reef lines were one crisscross and second not tied. When I complained on return instead of apologies the answer was something like "we told you about this". I have rather solid background of yacht racing so I could manage, but I can't imagine one of your older family sailors who tries reef on winds of 25-30 knots and discovers that reef line is unusable. They put 4-stroke 4HP outboard engine for dingy which is much heavier and more difficult to handle than standard for charters 2.5hp 2-stroke. When I asked why the answer was 'you customers asked for this'. The outboard was new from the store, never run before except 5sec of test when I got it and there were problems of new engine. The outboard engine stopped to work - probably because sand came into the system, may be my fault - I did not stop it on shallow sandy water, not sure though. On return the Charter Company took 300EU deposit for the outboard engine fix, but never came back with final balance. I guess the price was much lower. Carpenter who refitted the yacht internals forgot to put door stopper on all but one doors - at Greek summer one can't keep doors open it is less than convinient. And list can go on. Bottom line - I can not recommend this charter.
June 2018, Atene with Beneteau Oceanis 423
The Charter Company responded to this review 09.08.2018

Please note that the client made damages on the boat & he was the one with the bad behaviour and attitude.
We are a very professional & respectful enterprise with the very best reviews from all of our client.
This client was supposed to pay normally even more but we charged only the 300 Euros for the NEW & damaged outboard engine. (actual damage cost was over 500 Euros)
Further more the client signed the Check-out report where it clearly states that: all was fine & he has no further claim from our company! 

Please find below the detailed report from our base manager:
In respect of the reefs of the main sail the client was informed in check in,  that  the outhaul lines were just refited and due to the strong wind blowing from the aft starboard side, at that time,  it was impossible to pull up the sail and check if they were crossed. He was advised to do so in first chance and report. He never did so, but in check out  procedure.
The client Never mentioned the outboard did not function during the charter but only when our engineer  checked it because it wouldn't start in the check out . When our engineer opened the cover of the outboard he realised it was covered with salt all over and inside the engine , which means it was submerged into the sea was brand new and its first charter.Also the propeller was broken and needed replacement. The cost for the repairs is 372,00euros for works and... The client was informed that the actual cost for the repairs and spare parts would be known after the outboard was taken for dissasembly in the engineers workshop , and that it could possibly surpass the 300euros he paid for this damage, as it enventually did! but he was never charged about it! 
Also the client kept hidden the fact that he damaged the keel of the boat ( video taken from the diver in the check out-there were strong signs of deep scratches at the antifouling of the keel  ) when the chain of the anchor was ..somehow crossed with the keel , and he remembered it when asked...but was never charged about it! Normally the boat should be taken out of the sea using a crane, reapplied new antifouling paint at the damaged part, and then back into the sea, only the cost of this procedure surpasses 500,00euros,but he was never charged for it!.
So, the client was charged 300,00 euros but the actual damages on his charter surpass by far that amount..
Regarding the door stoppers, that is what the manufacturer provides, not the carpenter , even 2018 bavarias provide none.

We understand that damages can happen on those charters bit the clients should stick to the damage they cause and should not start to accuse the company.
This was the boats first charter for this season and the yacht was in perfect condition!
We really take good care of our yachts & our staff is more than friendly and kind to the clients. Throughout the season we have only great reviews & feedback from all agencies and partners.
As I mentioned we really respect every clients opinion as far as it is realistic & true.
This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of Marenauta LLC.
Great bareboat experience in Corfu  
We had a lovely time around Corfu and the mainland of Greece for 2 weeks, as a bareboat charter. The delivery of the sailing yacht was prompt, and the additional services as requested and airport transfers on-time.
July 2018, Corfu, Greece with Sun Odyssey 36i
Perfect Holiday  
We had the most fabulous 2 weeks away. The condition of the boat was first class and our skipper's knowledge priceless. The region was absolutely beautiful and we loved every place we stopped. I would have liked more information on the best places to provision the boat for planning but our skippers advise in this area was excellent. More items and detail on the provisioning sheet wold also have made things easier. This is due to the fact we are foreign and it is difficult to know what would be available. But all in all we loved it and can't wait to come back.
June 2018, Portisco with Lagoon 400 S2
1 week in Croatia  
Very nice vacation. The Charter Company was very helpful,the boat was in perfect state. We enjoyed the time sailing around the islands.
July 2018, Ragusa with Beneteau Oceanis 48-4
Sailing in Dardinia  
We enjoyed our week in this region very much and would come back again
May 2018, Portisco, Italy with Dufour 412 GL
Catana Carbon 42 trip  
We paid for a Beneteau but on arrival this boat was experiencing gearbox repairs so we were offered and accepted the catamaran as a replacement
April 2018, Noumea with Oceanis 41
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