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General conditions

1. General Terms

The Marenauta Platform ("we") is an online marketplace that enables users and certain third parties (Suppliers) who offer services to publish such Services on the Marenauta Platform (“Listings”) and to communicate and transact directly with users that are seeking to book such Services. The Supplier may publish the offered services directly on the Marenauta Platform, or trough third-party platforms (“Booking Systems”) to which both parties have access. In any case, the information entered by the Suppliers remain under their responsibility. The Services may include temporary use of boats, sea experiences, sea cruises and various other related services.

The Marenauta Platform, does not own, sell, resell, provide, control, manage, offer, deliver, or supply any Services, nor is an organiser or retailer of travel packages under Directive (EU) 2015/2302. The Suppliers alone are responsible for their offered Services. When users make or accept a booking, they are entering into a contract directly with each other. Marenauta is not and does not become a party to or other participant in any contractual relationship between Members, nor is a travel agency, tour operator or insurer. Marenauta is not acting as an agent in any capacity.

The products depicted on website do not constitute a final sale offer, as all the listed products are subject to availability. The charter operator must always confirm the availability of a product prior to concluding an agreement with you. does not offer any guarantee about the content of the website and the information thereby published. Errors may occur on an extremely rare basis, for example when a price, a product type, a service or any other detail is visualized or depicted incorrectly or inaccurately. In such a case the charter operator reserves the right not to sign the contract, or to cancel (or agree upon in a different way) the contract containing such error. reserves the right to withdraw or amend the content of the website without notice. We are the licensee or the intellectual property rights owner of our website and of any material thereby published unless stated otherwise. Reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice valid all over the world. All rights are reserved.

2. Limitation of Liability

The contract regulating the charter and the use of the vessel, and anything that follows, will be between you and the third party supplier exclusively., like its operators, will never be held responsible, nor will ever issue a refund or incur any additional cost for losses or damage (whether direct, indirect, consequential or punitive) resulting from:

  • inadequate information (descriptive) published on its website or provided at the act of booking on behalf of third party supplier, including information about rates, availability and description of the vessel and its equipment
  • products and services offered by the third party supplier
  • actions (legal), errors, violations, serious faults, intentional mismanagement, omissions, negligence, misrepresentation, liability for a wrongful act or any other action/fault attributable (wholly or partly) to the third party supplier including cancellation (partial and total), delays, change of the vessel, overbooking, strike, force majeure or any other circumstances beyond their direct control.
  • any action/fault attributable (wholly or partly) to the third party supplier, including potential complaints about the state of wear of the vessel, its instrumentations and its equipment, its state of cleanliness, the quality of the extra services or optional requested.

You are therefore aware that since has forwarded the payments received from you to the third-party supplier, under no circumstances will be required to issue any refund or to incur in any additional cost in your favor., like its operators, will never be held responsible for the quality of the service. It is also stated explicitly that only provides the reservation service and therefore is entirely extraneous to the working relationship that exists with the crew., like its operators, will not be held responsible or issue a refund in the event of damage to personal properties, injuries, losses or additional expenses incurred due to legal proceedings, errors, breaches, faults (serious), omissions, negligence, misrepresentation, civil or strict liability for an unlawful act, or any other action/fault attributable (wholly or partly) to the crew members (such as the skipper, hostess, cook, babysitter, or equivalent).

3. Service Use Conditions

3.1 Yacht reservation request

In order to reserve a vessel it’s possible to send an enquiry through website. The request will then be forwarded to the charter operator, who will check the actual availability of the selected vessel and will contact you back with the final proposal with all the necessary details. The availability of a vessel could be reserved in your favor for a limited amount of time with the opening of a booking option on your behalf, whose expiring date will be notified to you. The charter price shown in the proposal does not include all the incidental expenses, for example: fuel, lubrication oil, water, electricity, port taxes and charges, anchorage and mooring fees, customs and local taxes, marine parks fees, skipper, cleaning, Owner's/Charter Operator's hired crew remuneration, one-way charter fees, radiotelephony equipment costs and everything not listed as included.

The price of the vessel, unless otherwise stated, is inclusive of VAT. VAT is calculated on the basis of the rate provided on the check-in date (providing service) by the tax legislation in force in the country where the third party supplier is based. It is therefore specified that the VAT rate applied at the time of the booking confirmation may be subject to change without previous notice or responsibility by the third party supplier or In case of modification of the current tax legislation and the consequent modification of the amount of VAT and the final price of the vessel, the difference in the amount can be charged accordingly.

3.2 Yacht booking process

By making a booking you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions that will become legally binding as of that moment. The booking shall be considered officially confirmed once you have paid the charter fee as per Clause 3.3. of these terms and conditions. At the moment of the booking you will be asked to provide all the necessary data and documents to proceed with the booking request. This includes your actual particulars (including your e-mail address and telephone number), a copy of your personal identity documents and everything included in clause 3.5. You shall thus undertake that you and your voyage companions shall have all valid personal identity documents (passports) and regular visas, which you shall present at the checkin in one original copy.

3.2.1 Additional Costs and Services

There are standard costs and additional fees which may be charged upon your reservation, including mooring fees, security deposits, local taxes, transit log fees, final cleaning costs, whose payment will be usually made at the check-in in the local currency (for example the kuna in Croatia), and whose amount and methods of payment will be included in the final charter proposal. Additional costs may be present if you require crew services (for example Skipper, Hostess), or additional equipment (for example outboard motor), or additional services (for example bed linens and towels). The cost will be included in the final charter proposal on your request. In the case where you ask for crew services (for example Skipper, Hostess), it’s required to do so in written form at the time of the booking, because has to verify in advance the availability of such services, which may or may not be available for the vessel. All the extras and optional services must be requested by filling the given form within 7 days from the check-in date, unless otherwise stated and upon availability. It’s impossible to know the name and contacts of the skipper (and of any of the crew members) before the check-in date; but it is possible to state the requested characteristics in order to choose the best matching profile. Unless otherwise stated the skipper (and any of the crew members) has the right to its own cabin and its food is at your expense. In order to board a domestic animal it’s required to verify in advance the agreement of the Charter Operator/Owner. Usually an additional fee is expected in this case. The charter includes navigation in the territorial waters of the location where the vessel is placed, in some cases it’s possible to navigate beyond national borders. Such a possibility must be stated in advance and additional fees or expenses may be present. In some countries an additional tourist tax may be requested at check-in.

3.2.2 Insurance and Security Deposit

The vessel insurance will be in accordance with the conditions defined by the insurer upon whom the Charter Operator/Owner insured the vessel. Usually (but not exclusively) the vessels are insured with a kasko (comprehensive) insurance and a third party liability insurance, and an additional amount is required as a security deposit to be paid at check-in (usually in the range 1500€ - 5000€), refundable at check-out. It’s also possible to take out insurance on Security Deposit, signing a contract with an insurance company specialized in nautical field. The insurance premium shall never be in favour of and does not replace the Security Deposit payment to be made at check-in. If the skipper service is needed, you may be asked to pay a Damage Waiver (which includes a non-refundable amount and an amount refundable at check-out) in place of the Security Deposit (refundable at check-out).

3.3 Payment method

The payment for the reservation of the boat must be made by bank transfer. In the description of the payment you must indicate the reservation code assigned. Banking fees are always charged to the customer. Upon payment, you must send a copy of the bank transfer by e-mail or fax. Once the bank transaction is complete you will receive the payment receipt.

The payment deadlines are as follows.

If the booking is made less than 40 days before check-in:

  • 100% (unless otherwise stated) of the vessel charter fee by means of a bank transfer to at the time of the booking request confirmation.

If the booking is made more than 40 days before check-in:

  • 50% (unless otherwise stated) of the vessel charter fee by means of a bank transfer to at the time of the booking request confirmation;
  • 50% (unless otherwise stated) of the vessel charter fee by means of a bank transfer to at least 40 days before the check-in date.

In order to finalize the booking a minimum age of 18 years and the legal capability of making the transaction is required.

3.4 Booking Voucher

Once the reservation is made, you will receive your booking voucher as the document representing the reservation made through The document will contain all the booking details including the details of the vessel, the location of the vessel, the Charter Operator/Owner, the name and phone number of the Base Manager assigned by the Charter Operator/Owner and the list of possible extras or additional services requested. All the travel documents will be sent in good time before the check-in date. It’s required to make sure of the reception and correctness of the travel documents.

3.5 Vessel Operating Licence

Upon the booking request, and if you did not ask for the skipper service, you are required to have at least one person on board legally capable of handling the vessel according to the laws of the destination country (usually a valid Boating License and a VHF Radio Operator’s Certificate). In some countries, additional documentation may be required for navigation (eg. in the Caribbean Islands a Sailing Resume and in Greece a second Sailing License or alternatively a declaration of sailing experience of a second member of the crew). You can ask the charter operator in advance to check the validity of your boating documentation for the vessel you are interested in, free of charge. You or the boat’s Captain have the responsibility to present all the required documents in original copy at check-in. The Owner/Charter Operator reserves the right to appoint the Captain. The Captain shall hold and produce on request an appropriate Captain's License. In case of any dispute the Port Authority shall give its irreversible verdict. In case the Captain is not one of the clients; s/he shall be bound to sign this contract.

3.6 Cancellation or modification policy

Booking cancellation or modification requests and in general any variation from what is stated in the booking Voucher (for example changes in the number of passengers, the vessel model, the check-in/check-out ports or check-in/checkout dates) shall be forwarded to in writing by means of email or fax. If the booking modification is possible, an administrative fee of 150€ is required and should be paid by bank transfer in addition to any possible difference on the charter amount or on any ancillary cost.

Unless otherwise stated, the cancellation fees will be calculated according to the receipt date of the confirmation in written form (cancellation date), as follows:

  • if the cancellation date is within 40 days from the start of the use of the service, the Charter Operator/Owner will withhold 50% of the booking amount.
  • if the cancellation date is less than 40 days from the start of the use of the service, the Charter Operator/Owner has the right to withhold or request the entire booking amount, if for any reason you renounce the use of the charter service.
  • if the cancellation date is after the takeover of the vessel, the Charter Operator/Owner will withhold the entire booking amount, in addition to any cost due to the partial use of the service.

If you cancel a booking and then manage to find a new customer for the same booking, the Charter Operator/Owner will only charge any actual cost due to the replacement. Failure to obey the advance payment deadline and rules stated in this contract will deem the same contract null and void, resulting in the right for the Charter Operator/Owner to claim the suffered damages. Failure to pay the charter service balance and/or the Security Deposit according to the terms agreed upon will result in the right for the Charter Operator/Owner to demand the legal cancellation of the contract, simply by means of a written notice stating the non-compliance allegation and the willingness to exercise the aforementioned right. In this case the Charter Operator/Owner will be authorized to retain all the payments received, request all the amounts still outstanding at the moment of the contract cancellation, with the right for additional damages. It is recommended to take out insurance against booking cancellation, signing a contract with an insurance company specialized in the nautical field. The insurance premium shall never be in favour of

3.7 Check-in/check-out and navigation

Upon check-in, together with the Base Manager, be sure to make a detailed inspection of the vessel and equipment. Be sure to make this inspection and to sign, both you and the Charter Operator/Owner, the inventory list, adding any possible remark/observation. We recommend paying special attention to this procedure in order to avoid any argument during the check-out phase. If the vessel and/or its equipment are damaged during navigation you are required to contact the Base Manager as soon as possible to arrange, if possible, a recovery. At check-out the vessel will be checked and any damage or equipment losses, not present in the inventory list signed at check-in, will be deducted from the security deposit.

3.8 Dispute and Arbitration

In case of dispute, and if you are unable to reach an agreement with the Charter Operator/Owner, it is recommended to draw up the complaint in written form and have it signed upon check-out by both parties (you and the Charter Operator/Owner). Usually during the dispute you will be referred to the court of arbitration which you can contact if it’s impossible to reach an agreement lawfully. does not own any vessel, nor does it have any part in the contract regulating the charter and use of the vessel itself, nor is party involved in case of dispute or claims.

3.9 Best Price Guaranteed

Should you find your charter vessel, with the same booking conditions, at a lower rate on the internet after you have booked, we'll match it. Just contact us within 24 hours of booking, with details of the website.

Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  • Contact us as soon as possible by e-mail, not later than 24 hours of booking. Your e-mail should include your contact details and website where the lower rate is available.
  • The lower online rate must be bookable when validate your claim. This must take place within 24 hours and the screenshots will not be accepted as proof.
  • The lower rate of the same boat must be found online on the same Charter company in the same base and in addition, on the same check-in and check-out dates with the same booking conditions.
  • The lower rate must be in the same currency.
  • will only match the difference between our rate and the lower rate if your reservation through is completed and not subject to cancellation.
  • If the claim is unsuccessful as it is not in accordance with our lowest rate guarantee terms and conditions, our terms and conditions of booking, including the cancellation policy are still applicable.
  • The "Lowest rate guarantee" does not apply to boats purchased with discounts "Boatshow" and "Reapeated client" or with any special promotion of the Charter company where the booking is made.

4. About Marenauta and the support companies

The Service is rendered by Marenauta d.o.o, Ulica Osvobodilne Fronte 1, 6000 Koper - Capodistria, Slovenia, Identification number 8747563000, Tax number: SI78709261.

Marenauta has its headquarters in Slovenia and is supported by affiliated support companies throughout the world, that provide an internal supporting role to and for the benefit of Marenauta. Certain designated support companies render limited customer care support services. The support companies do not have any Platform (and do not in any way control, manage, maintain or host the Platform). You do not have a (legal or contractual) relationship with the support companies.

Last updated: 10 March 2020


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