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Terms of the Insurance

Unfortunately it can happen during every yacht holiday that adverse circumstances or bad weather lead to a failure of the charter yacht or that crew members are hindered by illness to start the cruise.

In order to be prepared against any unpleasant surprises during the holiday, it goes without saying that it is necessary to take out charter insurance before every cruise.

For this reason, offers its customers the opportunity to be prepared against any unpleasant surprises, offering Charter deposit insurance, Charter withdrawal insurance and Charter solvency (only for some Charter Companies) of UNIQA, a leader insurance company in the nautical sector.

UNIQA not only offers charter insurance at particularly advantageous prices, but also stands out from other insurance suppliers with a special scope of services:

  • Comprehensive cover, also for regatta participants.
  • The insurance also includes all sails, dinghies or outboard motorboats.
  • UNIQA charter insurance is valid after payment as from the commencement of contract!
  • Individual insurance is not renewed automatically, so it need not be terminated!
  • It is not necessary to give your banking information; simply transfer money via payment slip or net banking.

Marenauta to facilitate its customers who want to switch to one of insurance proposals, will prepare insurance documents that will be sent via email with the booking voucher. To activate the insurance will be sufficient for the customer to pay by bank transfer of the premium.



In case of short-term conclusion of the charter deposit insurance you must provide evidence for the payment of the premium before starting the journey.

What is covered?

It is insured if the deposit is retained by the owner / charter company in the case of:

  • loss or damage of the chartered vessel due to a naval accident, sinking, fire, lightning, explosion, theft or robbery or damage caused by natural disasters.
  • sailing regattas are included in the insurance.

Not covered are damages such as:

  • those due to natural wear, war, strike or confiscation
  • loss and unintentional leaving of equipment etc.
  • damage already existing and overlooked on taking over of the vessel
  • paint, scratch and scuff damage

Insurance benefit:

For one charter trip it will be refunded:

  • the return of the deposit, if an above mentioned event is covered according to § 4 (1) of the special conditions for the comprehensive insurance and return of the deposit by the owner /charter company does not take place.
In all cases the insurance benefit is limited to the sum insured and valid for the period of the journey indicated in the charter contract.

What has to be done in the event of damage?

  • Report on the course of events, the cause and extent of damage
  • In case of fire, theft or robbery: report a complaint at the nearest public security authority or the responsible harbourmaster.
  • If possible: take photos of the damage from all sides
  • Confirmation from the owner / charter company on the retained deposit.

Insurance conditions:

The charter deposit insurance is based on the "Special conditions for the comprehensive insurance for water sport craft (BVB/BK 2007)".

The conditions are available from your charter company.


UNIQA Sachversicherung AG, 1029 Vienna, Untere Donaustraße 21.
Headquarters Vienna, FN (company number) 46466 h at the commercial court of Vienna, DVR: 0664367.

Charter guaranty PDF version

Premium details:

Until 3.000,00 € Deposit 8,00 %
Over 3.000,00 € Deposit 7,00 %
Minimum premium 50,00 €
Deductible 10% of the deposit, min 100,00 € per damage
Deductible (regatta) 15 %,of the deposit, min. 200,00 € per damage

Conditions of insurance



The charter withdrawal insurance can not be taken out later than 28 days before departure and has to be paid the same day. In case of short term charter, insurance must be taken out and paid not later than the day after booking.

Who is insured?

  • The skipper and crew members are insured.

What is covered?

  • cancellation costs as a result of sudden severe illness, accident or death due to the drop out of an insured person or his/her closest relatives.
  • This insurance is valid for one charter cruise

Not covered are cancellation costs such as:

  • due to professional hindrance or pre-existing illnesses
  • a result of war, strike or confiscation

Insurance benefit:

It will be refunded:

  • the cancellation costs up to the full charter sum (without excess) in case of the skipper's drop out.
  • the aliquot part of the charter costs (without excess) in case of a crew member's drop out.

In all cases the insurance benefit is limited to the sum insured.

Insurance conditions:

The charter withdrawal insurance (cancellation costs) is based on the "General conditions for the insurance of travel cancellation". The conditions are available from your charter company.


UNIQA Sachversicherung AG, 1029 Vienna, Untere Donaustraße 21. Headquarters Vienna, FN (company number) 46466 h at the commercial court of Vienna, DVR: 0664367.

Charter cancellation PDF version

Premium details:

Premium 5,00 % from Charter price
Minimum premium 50,00 €;
Deductible not deductible

Conditions of insurance

The information contained herein is for information only, only the insurance contracts (available in pdf) in fact regulate the insurance conditions.


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